Sunday, August 30, 2009

Drug Testing as a requirement for school admission?

“Do you agree that DRUG TESTING should be done as a requirement for admission to schools?”

Since there are existing rules and regulations for driver's license applicant to be tested for any dangerous drug for the purpose of securing a driver's license and etc., drug testing should also be done as a requirement for admission to schools to fully guard the safety of learners and teachers.

Drug of abuse comprises the frequent or habitual and disproportionate use of chemical or substances that eventually users achieve a certain effect. These substances being tested during drug testing are illegal due to their high capability for addiction and abuse that are usually used for pleasure instead for medical reasons.

Unfortunately, because of the fact that certain drug chemicals could assemble alterations to the brain, it can only take a few times or even a single time to be on the road to addiction. Because of abuse of certain drugs it affects the brain and the body directly that causes many physical, mental and emotional problems. Since drug affects a person’s life it is not appropriate and definitely not conducive for the person as well as the people around him/her to study because there are marked changes in the appearance, behavior and health of the affected individual.

Abuse and addiction of drugs is due to many factors wherein one of this is peer pressure. Abuse of drugs is not always a matter of innocence or faulty self-restraint. If people around you, your classmate or your friends are doing drugs, it can be difficult to abide the pressure they give to try them, especially with teenagers. Drug testing as a requirement for admission to schools could also help to stop the widespread of drug addiction among students or teenagers. “If before our teams focused on high schools before testing students in college or the vocational schools, now we’re doing the testing in all of them at the same time,” Education Assistant Secretary Thelma Santos said in an interview with the Philippine Daily Inquirer in their article titled Drug testing also covers vocational students.

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